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January, 11th January 2007

  • Dealbreaker

    Novels are like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, full of color, detail, stories and subtle meaning. Good short stories,…

  • Ditto: Fast Web Picture Searches

    Google and yahoo! both offer great Web-based search engines, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for specialized search engines.…

  • 2007 Expo Special Report #1

    Things have been so hectic here at Macworld Expo in San Francisco that this is literally the first time all…

January, 10th January 2007

  • WriteRoom 2.0

    Hog Bay Software's WriteRoom was already a good option if you wanted a full-screen distraction-free writing environment, but some people…

  • Macworld Keynote: Apple…Redefined

    This is my twentieth year attending Macworld Expo. To put it another way, I have attended over thirty Macworld keynotes.…

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