.Mac Members Get Access To A New Free Game

Members of Appleis .Mac service have access to a free game from Garage Games. Marble Blast is a game in the spirit of the arcade classic Marble Madness in which you race around hazardous areas collecting treasures and trying to beat the clock. From Apple:

Enjoy a new gift from .Mac: A free download of Marble Blast from GarageGames, a challenging action/arcade game (a US$14.95 value) that earned a four-mice rating from MacWorld. Race marbles along moving platforms, dodging hazards while collecting sparkling treasures and "power-up" enhancements to cut seconds off your racing time. Start at the beginner level and roll your way up to advanced!

Download your free copy of Marble Blast and find out about more great GarageGames products.

You can get more information from Appleis .Mac site, or from Garage Games.