.Mac Subscribers: Virex 7.2 Now Available For Download

One of the perks of subscribing to Appleis .Mac service was the inclusion of a copy of Virex, a popular virus scanner for the Macintosh. According to an e-mail sent out to .Mac subscribers, an updated version of Virex is available for download. Virex 7.2 adds the ability to automatically upgrade the software and virus definitions when itis launched. From Apple:

Virex? 7.2, now available to members on the .Mac downloads page, keeps your virus protection up to date automatically to guard against newly emerging threats. Virex? regularly incorporates research from the Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team into updates aimed at detecting and defeating what they discover.

To make sure you stay current, Virex? 7.2 uses the Internet to check for updates, automatically downloading and installing any new ones it finds. It checks each time you launch it, and any time you press the eUpdate button on its toolbar. The result is better protection with less hassle, and we encourage you to take advantage of it.

.Mac members can download Virex 7.2 from Appleis .Mac page.