.Mac Update: New Navigation, New HomePage Templates, More

Apple has unvieled some changes to .Mac, including new navigational aids, and new HomePage templates. The announcement came in todayis .Mac Connection newsletter Apple sends out to .Mac users. From that newsletters regarding the navigation enhancements:

One of the .Mac teamis primary objectives is convenient and truly useful access to your personal data and correspondence when youire away from your own computer. Weire pleased to announce that a new set of persistent navigation links at the top of the .Mac page means all you have to remember now is "www.mac.com." From there you have one-click access to your .Mac Mail, Address Book and Bookmarks, and not just for viewing. You can add, edit and delete information as well and use iSync to keep things up-to-date everywher

Apple has also added new templates to its HomePage service, something the company hasnit done in some time, including new templates for downloads. From the newsletter:

In addition to 10 new graphic templates for photo albums, movie theaters, and journals, thereis a new File Sharing template called My Downloads which helps you create a well-documented downloads page for files from just about all of your iDisk folders. Thereis also a new convenience for members who use external HTML editors and the iDisk Sites folder alongside HomePage to publish to the web: The new Advanced template lets you place HomePageis familiar top-of-the-page navigation links across all your pages. And members can now use Internet Explorer 6 on systems running Windows XP to edit pages published with HomePage.

Lastly, Apple and Symantec are offering .Mac members a free copy of Norton Parental Controls, software that gives parents more control over what their children can visit on the Internet.

You can find more information on all of these announcements by logging into your .Mac account, or by reading the newsletter from Apple.