.Mac Update: Puzzle & Backup, New .Mac Exclusives

Happy Friday, .Mac members! Apple has more goodies for its members that are sure to please.

First, if you like to put together jigsaw puzzles, but are afraid of getting to the last few pieces only to find them missing, then you are going to like Gamehouseis Super Jigsaw Puzzles. According to the .Mac homepage, Gamehouse created 12 puzzles exclusively for .Mac members, and Apple is offering them free.

Gamehouse is also offering .Mac members a deep discount on another one of its games, Pop & Drop. Here are the details on Super Jigsaw Puzzle:

This suite of jigsaw puzzles from GameHouse is yours free -- just for being a .Mac member. Choose from a variety of images ranging from urban scenes, nature images and pets. All puzzles are customizable in a variety of ways:

  • Maximum of over 500 pieces per puzzle
  • Jigsaw and square shapes
  • Configurable backgrounds
  • Save puzzles for later
  • Area magnification
  • Resizable playing surface
  • Show/hide non-edge pieces
  • Piece rotation option

    And Pop & Drop:

    Youill have your hands full shooting and bouncing balls around the screen with this great arcade game from GameHouse. Use power pieces like blockerballs, springs, buzzsaws, and grenades to your advantage as you try to keep from getting crushed by the balls dropping from above.

    Download a free trial now, and put your safety goggles on for this high-action game, or purchase it for the exclusive .Mac member price of US$12.95 (regular price US$19.95.)

Also, a new version of Backup, a great utility for archiving your important data is now available for .Mac members to download. Here are the details:

Backup 2.0.1 provides added quality and reliability improvements to scheduled backups, and is now available through Software Update in System Preferences and as a download from .Mac. This update is recommended for all Backup 2.0 users. If you havenit tried Backup yet, now is a good time to start. You can safeguard your important data with backups to iDisk, CDs, DVDs, external FireWire hard drives (including iPods), network servers, or other mounted volumes.

For more information about these and other freebies, and specials offers, visit the .Mac page at Apple. (Note: non-members wonit see the offers and giveaways when visiting the .Mac page.)