.Net To Be Ported To Linux, Microsoft Cooperates

Microsoft is cooperating with the open-source community to port .Net to Linux, according to a New York Times article. The Mono project aims to use a limited part of the .Net framework to provide development tools to the Linux development community.

While there is no official support for the effort, Microsoft .Net engineer David Stutz and Mono leader Miguel de Icaza both agree that open communication is a beneficial thing for .Netis adoption.

Microsoft has traditionally kept tight control over its programming languages and systems. But David Stutz, a lead engineer in Microsoftis .Net efforts, said the company was glad to see Mr. de Icazais project grow as a way to help fill the marketplace with .Net-based programs.

"This is a very important technology for Microsoft," he said. "Itis important to get this adopted." Microsoft may be facing a monumental antitrust case, but where .Net is concerned, Mr. Stutz said, "we canit push the market share and force people to use our system."


[de Icaza] said Microsoft employees had been readily available to explain the finer points of the technology or give advice, something that would have been unheard of in previous years.

"I see them at conferences and can ask them a few questions now and then," he said. "Thereis no official support, but theyire helpful."

You can find out more about the Mono projectis aims and goals at the Mono Web site, and read the article at the New York Times. A free subscription is required to view New York Times content.