1-2-Knockout Release From Procreate

procreate has released KnockOut 2, the third in the procreate line of digital imaging apps. KnockOut 2 is a Photoshop plug-in designed to quickly mask and preserve images. Knockout 2 is OS X compatible. According to procreate:

KnockOut 2, the third application in the procreate™ line of creative enhancement tools, is now available. Leveraging the strengths of Mac® OS X, KnockOut 2 enables creative professionals to quickly mask and preserve photo objects with fine image details - producing results that were previously considered impossible to achieve.

Building on the masking capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop® and other compatible image editors, KnockOut 2 powers creativity on both Macintosh® and Windows®. Introduced for the first time as a plug-in, KnockOut 2 fits seamlessly into any creative workflow.

Masking with KnockOut 2 improves the quality of photo composites when dealing with the most complex objects. Images of liquid, glass, ice, hair and smoke can now be masked out in a fraction of the time required using the standard masking tools in Adobe Photoshop. In addition to its new plug-in architecture, KnockOut 2 offers professional users a variety of new features including additional touch-up tools and support for the CMYK color model.

You can find more information about KnockOut 2 at the procreate Web site. KnockOut 2 is available for US$329.00.