10 Million Macs in 2006

The number of Macs shipped in 2006 is expected to more than double compared to 2005, jumping up from 4.5 million to 10 million. According to DigiTimes, this is good news for Appleis manufacturing partners Foxconn Electronics, Quanta Computer, and Asustek Computer. Foxconn manufactures the Mac mini, Quanta produces the PowerBook and MacBook Pro, and Asustek makes the iBook and iMac.

Last year, Apple shipped 4.5 million Macs. The introduction of the Intel-based Mac in January, and the MacBook Pro which started shipping on February 14, are expected to help boost Mac sales.

The transition of the rest of the Mac product line from G4 and G5 chips to the Intel Core chip should be completed by the end of 2006.