157 Stats on the Wall: iOS Users Grok (and Pay For) Apps

This just in: iPhone and iPad users — oh heck, let’s make it the whole gamut of iOS devices and thrown in the iPod touch — like their apps. OK, that’s not really news, but Stuart Dredge of Mobile Entertainment has compiled a list of 157 facts about apps and users on various mobile platforms, stats that show that iOS users are consuming (and paying for) more apps than other platforms.

Mr. Dredge compiled his stats in the form of a 37-piece slideshow, most of which are pieced together from multiple external sources. In other words, he is putting the pieces together for us in one nice, convenient package.

His stats show us, for instance, that the average iPhone user has 37 apps on their device, compared to 22 apps on the average Android smartphone. We also learn that while 51% of iPhone owners have five or more games on their device, 46% of BlackBerry users have not one game.

That could explain why 84% of iPhone are satisfied with their experience using apps on their device, while only 58% of BlackBerry users say the same thing.

We also learn that 53% of mobile developers in the U.S. are building iOS apps, though 70% of iPhone developers are planning on releasing an Android app in the next six months.

Of course 57% of Android apps are free, but they account for 98.9% of all Android downloads. That compares with 81% of iPhone downloads being free, meaning there is a hugely disproportionate amount of the money being made in the mobile app space that is flowing to iOS developers.

Check out the full slideshow for many more stats.