1Password 4 Adds Editing to Mini Viewer

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AgileBits rolled out 1Password 4.2 for the Mac on Wednesday, bringing with it the ability to edit items and passwords from the menu bar in the 1Password mini viewer. 1Password is a password manger and generator that also stores private and sensitive information in an encrypted database.

1Password 4.2 gets a beefed up mini viewer for your Mac's menu bar1Password 4.2 gets a beefed up mini viewer for your Mac's menu bar

Version 4.2 improved URL matching for more reliable auto-filling of forms on websites and added support for viewing secure notes in 1Password mini. The update also improved autosave, added the ability to choose which vault to use when saving new logins, lets users resume editing items after 1Password locks or is quit, added support for renaming tags in the sidebar, improved data syncing, added the ability to restore from a backup on first launch, and more.

1Password 4 for the Mac is priced at US$49.99 and is available for download at the AgileBits website and Apple's Mac App Store. The update is free for version 4.x users.



This has to be the most useful piece of software I have ever purchased. I have it on my Macs and iDevices and it just works. I’m no longer afraid of unmemorable passwords! Editing in the mini viewer? Not a big deal to me, but the basic functionality of the software is (almost) priceless.

OK, that sounds like I’m shilling for the company so let me get a little critical. Sometimes when a site forces me to change a password, that’s the page that gets stored by 1Password. It can be a pain because it takes you to the password change page instead of a login page. Also, you can get many entires for the same login just because the page address is a little different. Like anything worth using, it does require some maintenance, but it’s better than maintaining a paper list of passwords!


“This has to be the most useful piece of software I have ever purchased.”
I will second this.
As of this morning, I am using 1P to manage 623 logins.


Is that all?  I’m at 1,026.

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