1Password 4 for iOS Adds iCloud Sync, More

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AgileBits released 1Password 4 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Thursday, giving users a significant update that includes iCloud sync support, better organization features, and a new built-in Web browser. 1Password is a password manager and creation app that also stores other personal and sensitive data in an encrypted database.

1Password 4 gets a new look, more features1Password 4 gets a new look, more features

Version 4 sports a redesigned user interface that added a Favorites option for quick access to commonly used logins, supports folders for organizing entries, includes a strong password generator that can auto-copy new passwords to the clipboard, includes a built-in tabbed Web browser, and supports database syncing via Dropbox or iCloud.

The new Web browser can auto-fill site logins and other online forms, and supports tabs for loading multiple sites at the same time.

1Password has supported syncing data between iOS devices, Macs and Windows PCs for some time via Dropbox, and version 4 adds iCloud sync support. For now, iCloud syncing works with iOS devices, but an update is coming that will add support to the desktop version of the app, too.

1Password 4 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is temporarily priced at US$7.99 -- more than half off the regular $17.99 price -- and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store. Owners of 1Password 3 will have to pay for the new version, too, since 1Password 4 is a new app and not an update.

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Why do I want a full tabbed browser in a password manager program??? Does it offer some improved security features?  Is it anything more than just WebKit view in the app, therefore the same as Safari?  Maybe they mean for the iOS versions only, where it might give better integration since there are no browser plugins on iOS…


I just upgraded my 1Password for my MacBook Pro to Version 3.8.20, running on Mountain Lion.  New iPhone 5 has latest iOS version running.  VERY disappointed that there is no wifi sync between the two 1Passwords that I run, and evidently the Mac version 3.8.2 does not support iCloud.  So I’m stuck with clunking along with Dropbox.  Documentation support is poor to none about these issues.  On iPhone the “help” files wax poetic about iCloud, but it’s not clear that an Apple Mac version of 1Password is not compatible.  Disappointing.  Would prefer direct wifi sync to the present arrangement.

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