1Password 4 for Mac gets iOS Features, More

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AgileBits has been promising 1Password 4 for the Mac for some time, and now they're offering a little peek into what's in store when it ships this fall. The new version of the password and sensitive information management app will be getting a few features that iPhone and iPad users are already enjoying, such as multi-site logins and iCloud sync support, plus a few other surprises, too.

1Password 4 for the Mac is coming this fall with lots of new features1Password 4 for the Mac is coming this fall with lots of new features

Along with multi-site logins and iCloud syncing, 1Password 4 for the Mac will include Favorites -- another feature that comes from 1Password for iOS -- as well as the ability to share encrypted information between iOS and Mac apps like Mail and Messages, custom fields, new item types, a Cocoa native browser extension, and more.

The AgileBits team is making the upgrade as easy on your pocketbook as they can by making the upgrade free for anyone that purchased 1Password through the Mac App Store and for anyone that purchased through the company website on or after January 1, 2013. There isn't word yet on what upgrade pricing will be for everyone else.

1Password stores user logins, account information for banking and other services, notes, software license information, and more in a password protected secure format. It can also generate secure passwords on the fly and auto-adds new login information from your Web browser.

1Password for the Mac is priced at US$49.99 at the AgileBits website or the Mac App Store. Version 4 will be available this fall.



Ugh. Another company copying features of its iOS software into its OSX software!


How about we say it’s an 1Password 4 for Mac feature that was released in the iOS app first, does that help?

Seriously, what is the problem with having feature parity between the Mac and iOS function?

Okay, back to work, enjoying what I get done easily and quickly using the AgileBits Mac (and iOS) app I’ve been relying on for years.

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