1Password Adds Safari 5.1 Autosubmit and Save Support

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AgileBits released 1Password 3.7.1 for the Mac on Wednesday, adding autosave and autosubmit support for Safari 5.1. 1Password is a password management application that can also generate strong passwords, and securely store sensitive information.

1Password for the Mac1Password for the Mac

After installing the update, users should make sure the latest 1Password extension is running in Safari 5.1. To update 1Password’s Safari extension, do this:

  • Launch Safari
  • Choose Safari > Preferences
  • Click Extensions
  • Click Updates, then click Get Extensions
  • Relaunch Safari

1Password is priced at US$39.99 and is available at the AgileBits Web site. The update is free for version 3 users.


Bryan Chaffin

Still buggy for me—specifically, I’m seeing it ask if I want to save logins for sites where I have already done so (this could be an issue with URLs that have dynamic session-related elements).

But, some functionality has been restored, like being able to access 1Password at all from Safari. smile

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