2.0 Beta Update for Roku PhotoBride Improves iTunes Support

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Roku Labs announced a beta release of a software update to its PhotoBridge HD1000 Mac-to-TV/Entertainment System connection device. The version 2.0 beta software update improves support for iTunes by adding the ability to play unencrypted AAC files, as well as other new features.

Other enhancements included in the update include support for UPnP AV for connecting to PCs, and the ability to play DVDs that have been saved, or ripped, to your computer without the use of third-party software. The device will also now display text in Japanese, German, and French.

In addition, the device now supports PAL connectivity for users in Europe.

The PhotoBridge HD1000 already included the ability to show images and movies on your TV, from either your Mac or PC, or through memory card slots in the front of the device.

The PhotoBridge HD1000 is priced at US$299. More details and download links for the public beta software update can be found at Roku Labsi Web site.