24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In Updated With FileMaker Developer 7 Support

24U Software has released an update for 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In, bringing it to version 1.0.1. 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In is a FileMaker Pro plug-in designed for higlighting text. The update features support for FileMaker Developer 7. According to 24U Software:

Today, 24U Software announces the immediate availability of 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In 1.0.1, a FileMaker 7 native plug-in for highlighting text and rectangular areas with a user-defined color. This version is an update to the copy distributed with FileMaker Developer 7.

What is 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In?

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In is a sample FileMaker Plug-In project based on 24U FM Template 2.0. It was created thanks to the collaboration of 24U Software and New Millennium Communications, Inc., and is available for download from both companies.

You can find more information about the 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In update at the 24U Software Web site. 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In is available as freeware.