24U Software Shipping 24U AutoInstaller 1.0

24U Software has released a new app, 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller 1.0. Plug-In AutoInstaller is a utility designed for updating multi-user FileMaker plug-ins. The app features no-script edit installs and simplified plug-in config. According to 24U Software:

24U Software announces 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller, a new utility for simplifying installation, registration and updates of all plug-ins in multi-user FileMaker solutions. Available immediately with every 24U FileMaker Plug-In.

What is 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller?

24U Plug-In AutoInstaller removes your pain from using plug-ins in a multi-user environment. It simply automates installation, registration, and updates of all the plug-ins you use in your multi-user FileMaker solutions. This utility comes pre-configured for 24U FileMaker Plug-Ins, but it can be used for other 3rd party plug-ins as well.

Primary functions of 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller:

  • Simplifies automated update/installation of plug-ins in networked solutions
  • Requires absolutely no script editing to install all your plug-ins
  • Automatically registers (unlocks) all your plug-ins with serial numbers
  • Lets you to specify both minimum and maximum required version
  • Simple configuration for all plug-ins, all features, and all platforms

You can find more information about the 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller 1.0 release at the 24U Software Web site.