24U Software Shipping 24U FM Template 1.0

24U Software has released a new app, 24U FM Template. 24U FM Template is a FileMaker Pro template project designed for creating FileMaker Pro plug-ins. The app ships with simplified configuration single-file cross-platform plug-in building abilities. According to 24U Software:

Today, 24U Software is releasing brand new template project for building FileMaker Pro plug-ins. Creating your own custom plug-ins is now nothing more than just configuring few constants in a single header file and writing your functionsi code.

What is 24U FM Template?

24U FM Template is a Metrowerks CodeWarrior template project for building FileMaker Pro plug-ins. It will help you to create your own FileMaker Pro plug-ins quickly and easily! Thanks to intuitive lucidity and efficiency this template is appropriate for both beginners and experts.

The cardinal features:

  • Single point of configuration
  • Ability to build single-file cross-platform plug-ins (Super FAT Binary)
  • Pre-configured version function
  • Detailed comments in all user-editable files
  • Easily readable compact code
  • Pre-configured special targets for debugging
  • Ready-to-use project files for CodeWarrior 6.3 and CodeWarrior 8.3
  • Detailed description of the templateis bowels

You can find more information about the 24UFM Template 1.0 release at the 24U Software Web site. 24U FM Template is available as donationware.

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