24U Software Ships SimpleHelp Plug-In 2.0

24U Software has released a new version of 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In, bringing it to version 2.0. The 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In is a tool designed for creating help tags within FileMaker databases. The latest release features numerous enhancements including expanded display functions. According to 24U Software:

Today, 24U Software updated 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In to version 2.0! This cross-platform plug-in (Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows) for FileMaker Pro now allows you to define more interactive help in your solutions.

This FileMaker plug-in enables solution developers to define help tags (tool tips) for layout objects and controls, such as data fields, buttons, pictures etc. Help tag is a brief text message (help, tip, description) that appears when you move the mouse pointer over an object or a hot rectangle. This way, 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In allows developers to create FileMaker solutions with an intuitive user interface!

10 new useful features of the version 2.0:

  • Ability to provide more information to user through help tags
  • Ability to display multi-line help tags
  • Ability to display alternate text based on modifier keys
  • Ability to define help tagis text dynamically before they get displayed
  • Ability to customize "mouse in", "mouse out", and "modifiers changed" actions for hot rectangles
  • Ability to provide user with visible feedback known as roll-over effects
  • Limited ability to use help tags also in list view
  • Ability to display help tags at specified positions up on request
  • Ability to draw coachmarks (colored ovals) around layout objects
  • Ability to check mouse position at the time of last click on a button

You can find more information about the latest 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In release at the 24U Software Web site. The 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In upgrades are available for US$27.00, while the full version is available for US$48.00.