24U s.r.o. Offers New FileMaker Pro Plug-In Bundling Options

24U s.r.o. is offering new bundling options for the FileMaker Pro line of plug-ins. Called Pro Bundling, the licenses are designed for developers wishing to include the 24U s.r.o. plug-ins for their FileMaker Pro applications. According to 24U s.r.o:

24U s.r.o. extends the offer of its bundle licences for File Maker Pro application plug-ins!

Today, 24U s.r.o. is releasing a new type of bundle licensing for its products, called Pro Bundling. The license conditions will be welcomed particularly by developers of customer-solutions based on File Maker Pro.

Pro Bundling enables you to bundle a purchased version of your plug-in for the unlimited number of your products, with very favorable price conditions.

In addition, 24U company extends the possibility of the Unlimited Bundling license, by means of which you can bundle all future plug-in versions for the unlimited number of your products.

You can find more information about the companyis FileMaker Pro plug-ins at the 24U s.r.o. Web site. For Pro Bundle pricing, click on the individual app for details.