24U s.r.o. Shipping Simple Suite For FileMaker

24U s.r.o. is now shipping the 24U Simple Suite for FileMaker developers. The 24U Simple Suite is a set of plug-ins designed for FileMaker Pro applications and databases. Included in the Suite bundle are SimpleDialog and Transcoding plug-ins. According to 24U s.r.o:

24U Software Introduces 24U Simple Suite, an integrated suite of FileMaker plug-ins, specifically designed to simplify development of complex database solutions based on FileMaker Pro, an industry-leading cross-platform database environment.

At this time, 24U Simple Suite covers all 4 of our most successful products - 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In, 24U Preferences+Globals Plug-In, 24U PlaySound Plug-In, and 24U Transcoding Plug-In.

These plug-ins target four different areas of FileMaker solution development where they can simplify the developeris work significantly. By combining them together, even more power can be unleashed.

You can find more information about the Simple Suite release at the 24U s.r.o. Web site. The Simple Suite set is available for US$171.00.