26 More Pics From The Floor

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

One of our most popular features during a Macworld show is the picture galleries. People who canit make the show like to see what they are missing, and we appreciate the clamor for more pics. Accordingly, we are offering up our third picture gallery taken from the floor.

This time out we have some display lifting products, a cool CD burner/printer device for all you aspiring self-publishers out there, a bunch of printing stuff, the ever-popular Godzilla FireWire hub, some candy (no, really), some cases, some screen protectors, and much more.

MWSF 2004 - Floor Picture Gallery III

(Click on the thumbnails to see larger images)
dscn2491.jpg dscn2496.jpg dscn2502.jpg
Lift Your Cinema Display with CinemaLift Wacom Tablets Let You Add Neon Big Hair Smart Also Has a Tablet
dscn2505.jpg dscn2506.jpg dscn2509.jpg
Itis a CD Burner! No, Itis a CD Printer!
(The image got lost, but we wanted to leave the thumbnail because it is a cool product.)
Booth Babes Were Scarce at This Show New from Keyspan, USB Extender Thingy
dscn2511.jpg dscn2516.jpg dscn2519.jpg
Spiffy iBook Case with Seethrough Window for Apple Logo Space, The Final Frontier iPod Audio for Your Car
dscn2521.jpg dscn2524.jpg dscn2525.jpg
Groovy iSkin to Guard Against Those Nasty Spills iSkin Also for Desktop Keyboards
dscn2529.jpg dscn2534.jpg dscn2536.jpg
Cool Anthro Furniture Itis an AirPort Base! No, Itis a Candy Dish! AppleScript and OS X Going to the Dogs
dscn2544.jpg dscn2548.jpg dscn2549.jpg
Itis a Monster! No, Itis a FireWire Hub (Really!) Wish I Had That Many Cinema Displays
dscn2551.jpg dscn2552.jpg dscn2555.jpg
Now Weire Talking Terabytes! Nice Small Projector Nice Colors from HP Printer
dscn2556.jpg dscn2562.jpg dscn2564.jpg
More Nice Colors The Adobe Area Is Constantly Packed FileMaker Explaining Whatis New
dscn2568.jpg dscn2573.jpg
Runtime Revolution Won Macworld Editoris Choice Brisk Business At the MacMall Booth

All photos and captions by John F. Braun.

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