29 Music Reviews at iPodObserver

One of our favorite features of iPodObserver is our music reviews. We think that music reviews are a great way to discover new music, and it has certainly proved to be a popular feature.

However, for the nonce they donit appear in the headlines, and you can only find the reviews by visiting iPOis home page, or by visiting the Music page at the site. We will be changing this in the future, but until then we have put together a list of reviews we have already published to make it easier to see what we are doing with this feature.

We also wanted to remind our registered readers that they can put their own rating on any album for other readers to see. If you are registered for the TMO forums or comment system, all you have to do is log in at iPodObserver to see the rating mechanism and other reader ratings on each album.

Reviews by Bryan Chaffin

Reviews by Dave Hamilton

Reviews by Darla Sasaki

Reviews by Ricky Spero

Reviews by Stephen Swift