2S Shipping New InDesign Plug-In

J2Sis shipping a new app for Mac users, J2SAutodata 1.0. J2SAutodata is an InDesign plug-in designed for page number counting. The app features page display similar to Word or FrameMaker. According to J2S:

Specialized in DTP plug-in development, J2S is pleased to announce the release of J2SAutodata 1.0, an InDesign CS plug-in designed to count and display the total number of pages of an InDesign document or book.

It becomes possible to display the current page number next to the total number of pages of the document just like in MS Word, FrameMaker or other DTP applications.

You can find more information about the J2SAutodata release at the J2S Web site. J2STask 1.0 is available for US$250.00.