2 Panasonic Cameras Used For Brian Wilson Documentary

Panasonic has announced the recent documentary production of "Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and The Story of Smile," was shot using both the Varicam and the SDX-900 24P camera. The live concert footage relied on the HD Panasonic Varicam while the more extensive behind the scenes interviews were done with the SDX-900. According to Panasonic:

Two of the most alluring myths in popular culture are those of the reclusive artist and the lost masterpiece. These narratives coincide in this evening?s world premiere of "Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and The Story of Smile," a feature-length documentary chronicling the most famous unreleased album in music history, the legendary work of Beach Boysi co-founder and composer, arranger and producer Brian Wilson.

Directed by award-winning writer David Leaf and produced by LSL Productions (David Leaf, Steve Ligerman and John Scheinfeld) in association with Richard Waltzeris Chautauqua Entertainment.


Director of Photography James Mathers shot major portions of the documentary with Panasonic?s AJ-SDX900 DVCPRO Cinema camcorders.

According to DP Mathers,"The portion of the program shot during the premiere concert at Royal Festival Hall was recorded using a six-camera remote truck with 24P HD cameras.? The producers needed a more economical and portable camera to shoot the more than 100 hours of interview and background documentary footage, but the footage needed to cut up against HD.? I researched and shot extensive tests with the SDX900, even cutting it together with HD footage at Sunset Digital in Burbank.? With its high-quality 24P recording and native 16x9, even the facility?s engineers were hard pressed to tell the difference, and of course, the SDX900 was a much more economical alternative.

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