3 Unique Photo Sharing Services For iPhone and iPad

Last week in this space I talked about apps to help you jazz up your photos. Now that you have some super cool pix you'll want to share them, right? What do you do?

There are a boatload of options of course. This is iOS we're talking about. There's an app for almost anything. Facebook, Instagram, Hipstamatic and countless other services offer many ways to publish any of the moments of your life that you care to share. Some of the photos that I've seen are absolutely amazing and there are millions sharing regularly. (check out my Instagram page.)

Free on iTunes

But what if jazzing up and posting your shots on some popular service isn't enough? What if you want to create a string of photos to tell a story? What if you want you add voice narration? How about a soundtrack?

When I'm out taking photos I don't have a particular goal in mind or story to tell. I see something that looks interesting and I snap it. Others set out to capture something specific, a series of sunsets for instance, or poignant street life. Still others just want to chronicle their lives. Regardless of your goal,or lack of one, the photos you take say something, but often we want them to say something specific because people can interpret a shot in many different was.

Yeah, sure, you can always add a comment or a simple caption, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Not to worry, I've come across some really interesting apps that offer enhancement options that were just not possible not too long ago. So let's get to them.

Linea [26.6 MB, all iOS devices iOS 6.0 or later, Maker: Linea Photosharing LLC]

LineaLinea welcome page

Often when I'm shooting I find subjects that are related somehow either by a particular moment in time, location, or the subject itself. I'll have several photos that I'd like to show my friends and family, but I'd like them bound, ordered, and labeled like a virtual slide cassette so that when folks see the photos they see them in the arrangement I've determined, and so they see the pix the way I want them to.

There are many apps that will let you create a montage, but that's not what I want. I want to show a linear progression of shots, I want Linea.

Set up an account and jump right into setting up your first series of shots. Pick your pix from your library then arrangement them is the order you want. The app places them in pages and you can determine what goes where. Once you're satisfied you can invite others to see your "Lines" of photos.

LineaPicked pix uploading

You can edit your photo lines anytime, adding, rearranging, or deleting pix as you see fit. You can also order a printed version of your lines, which can make a nice gift.

Linea requires an account of some sort. You can just use an email address or you can use your Facebook account.

I have to admit that I found the interface a bit confusing, especially when it came time to edit and arrange my shots. I managed to muddle through, however, and you will too. I also found that uploading photos took a bit longer than I'd expect.

LineaLinea adjustments made easy

(Hint: Mind the progress bar under the "+" in the upper right corner. Wait until its done before attempting to edit the line.)

I like the idea of publishing a series of photos as a collection, and that's what Linea does. Check it out.

Momentage [31.4 MB, all iOS devices iOS 6.0 or later, Maker: Momentage LLC]


Not every photo you take needs a caption, but there are some that could use a comment. You can tap of a caption or you can use Momentage.

This cool app lets you tie a voice recording to your shots. Pick a pix from your library or shoot something with the app's camera, then say a few words about what you've captured. The apps lets you adjust the photo and provide a nice set of filters. You can add a text caption as well. Once you're happy it you upload your voice enhanced photo to the Momentage server.

Momentagein-app editing, in Momentage

Momentage also lets you grab several shots and string them together. You can edit each and add comments, but make sure you add your voice comment BEFORE you move the photo into the app. Once there I could find no way to add voice comments.

You can edit your collection even after they've been published so if you make a mistake to can fix it later.

MomentageMe on Momentage service

Just as in Instagram, folks using Momentage can view your published works and like and comment on them. You can follow those you like or discover new moments. I should also mention that the app lets you publish video as well. This app and service could be a winner.

Shuttersong [6.7 MB, all iOS devices iOS 5.1 or later, Maker: ShutterSong Inc.]

ShuttersongShuttersong ready to capture a moment

Momentage gives your photos a voice. Shuttersong gives them a soundtrack.

Pick a shot or snap one with the built-in cam then add either 30 seconds of voice or sound via your phone's mic, or add a 15 seconds clip of music from tunes in your library. You can mix sound and music too, but not overlaid. Once you have what you want you can share it out to the usual social media suspects.

The interface may be a bit confusing at first. Shuttersong has bought into Apple's anti-skeuomorphism campaign, so obvious visual cues to controls are left up to you to interpret, but it's not too bad. Tap the lower right corner to get to your photo library; tap the lower left corner to get to your Shuttersong main page, tap the bull's eye to take a photo. The lightning icon toggles the flash and circle-arrows icon switches the cams.

ShuttersongThe dots above are filters. The orange shows how much you've recorded.

Once you have a photo the bull's eye lets you then add sound. Tap the little music note to add tunes from your library. Grabbing a music clip from your library can sometimes take a while, and I've had the effort fail a few times. I haven't experimented with it enough to know why it works quickly on some tracks and fails consistently on others, but it seems to not like music bought through iTunes, which is odd, but very possible. When it work it's pretty nice.

Shuttersong is another app and service with huge potential. Give it a shot.

And that's a wrap for this week. Make sure look at Stop Motion Studio, this week's free App of the Week. It's a great app for aspiring Ray Harryhausens out there. Also be sure to grab Ribs, this week's free Single of the Week from Lorde.