31 Second Apple Store Robbery Nets 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones/iPod Touches

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Five thugs broke into a Marlton, New Jersey Apple Store in a "smash and grab," and were able to take 23 MacBook Pros and 14 iPhones and iPod touches, all in 31 seconds. In the Philadelphia ABC local affiliate report embedded below, you can see the entire crime as captured on Apple's security films.

The thieves used a large rock to break the front glass of the store, and used a fairly systematic approach to grab the portable and valuable items.

In the sensationalized reporter's coverage, the robbery is described as "spectacular." With a dash of hyperbole, the reporter said, "Later, the security guard is seen running in, after the thieves had practically picked the place clean leaving only the price tags behind."

The police are looking for five males in connection to the crime, and anyone with information is asked to call police at 856-983-1118 or the local confidential tip line at 856-988-4699.

Channel 6 Action News Coverage of the robbery.

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I guess times are tough and thugs have to resort to smash and grabs instead of buying their Macs with drug money.


Why were there not locks on the macs chaining them to the desks??

Lee Dronick

Why were there not locks on the macs chaining them to the desks??

Understanding that they can help stop a theft, but you can’t heft the MacBooks when they are too well secured. Go into many “PC” stores and try and pick up a netbook to see how it feels, they usually have some sort of steel bar or pipe “griping” (nautical term) it down. In other words maybe the cost of securing the MacBooks in all Apple stores isn’t worth the loss of the actual number of them stolen.

I am understanding the story correctly that the security guard was inside the store when the smash and grab happened?


If I remember right, in apple stores the devices are secured to the tables with tethers.  Presumably if you break them it will set off an alarm.  Plenty effective to stop the causal shoplifter, but not such a well orchestrated and overt effort.  SonyStyle stores follow much the same approach.

And I totally agree.  Apple stores would be much less cool and convincing if they screwed the laptops in place like in best buy and costco. You can’t get much of a feel for the computers when they do that.

Neil Anderson

A great ad for demonstrating the beauty of Apple’s magnetic power cords.

Ron Bannon

Apple should adopt a policy of registering each of their computers with a unique registration number that could be flagged as stolen by the registrant. Once flagged, Apple’s Software Update program should install a program to track the stolen computer. There’s already programs that will do this, but Apple needs to take the lead on this one. It could even be optional so the paranoid among us could opt out.


Talk about an organized operation! iPhones I can understand because their small etc but how they managed to get 23 Macbooks is beyond me on top of everything else in under 31 seconds!

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