39 More Pics From The Show Floor

One of our most popular features during a Macworld show is the picture galleries. People who canit make the show like to see what they are missing, and we appreciate the clamor for more pics. Accordingly, we are offering up the first picture gallery taken from the floor.

Todayis pics come from Wednesdayis show floor, and include some cool Lego stuff, a nice political message aimed at the RIAA, a combination toaster/hard drive, a packed North hall (despite the fact that the hall had fewer vendors, some more speakers, iPod accessories, and a walk down memory lane!

MWSF 2004 - Floor Picture Gallery II

(Click on the thumbnails to see larger images)
Lego Robot from PitscoDefend Your Rights!Raise the Dead?
Power Users and Toilet Paper?Another Wireless Audio PlayerMP3 Is Not a Crime
Acuta Drive ArrayWide Format Art GalleryAnother Wide Art Gallery
Gaming Area is PackedAcura with BluetoothMacworld!
All Praise the...OK itis the New Freeverse iSight GameSpiffy SpeakersNorth Hall is Packed
Altec Lansing iPod Speaker SystemColorful iPod CasesAnother Drive Array
When One Monitor Isnit EnoughEzedia and Fuzzy Green StandThe You Software Blue Smiley Head
The Worldis Cutest Wrist Rest...AwwwwNice Flat Keyboard 
BOSS from IOGEARTechTool Makes Sure You Donit Get ScrewedRadioShark and Dial from Griffin
iSight Light from GriffinAnother SharkGo Bananas!
More Action at Apple BoothEarly Mac and MicrosoftEven Earlier Mac
Getting Newer...Ah the iMacOf Course Microsoft Has to Show Windows...
People Testing Out Latest Adobe ProductsGuitar TuneriPod Case with Flashing Light So You Donit Get Run Over

All photos and captions by John F. Braun.