3D Graphic Support On Mobile Devices With Blender

NaN has released a new app for mobile devices, the Blender 3D Media Platform. The Blender 3D Media Platform enables GRPS and UMTS mobile devices the ability to view and play 3D media apps. This includes support for 3D games and graphics. According to NaN:

Not a Numberô (NaN) has presented a technology and production platform for wireless communication and entertainment media, the Blender 3D Media Platform, that enables consumers to view and play 3D media applications, including MMS and games, on GPRS and UMTS mobile devices.

The system has already been contracted to leading European UMTS license holders. NaN leads the way for wireless 3D as the only company possessing technology efficient enough to run 3D on mobile devices. The Blender 3D Media Platform enriches mobile media services with 3D graphics and 3D movies, enables multi-media messaging with user-customisable 3D content, and enables playback of Blender created
games and interactive presentations thanks to the Blender Java Client.

Blender 3D Media Platform system is aimed to be compatible with any color enabled GPRS or UMTS device, with a minimal set of requirements for processing on the client side. The platform streams images in JPEG, PNG, or MPEG4 format to a client, which then can function as a remote control and remote display for the application.

You can find more information about the Blender 3D Media Platform at the Blender Web site.