3D Landscape Tool Comes To MonkeyByte

MonkeyByte has announced that they are bringing the latest version of the 3D landscape tool, VistaPro 7, to market. VistaPro allows users to easily turn 2D data into graphic rich 3D landscapes. According to MonkeyByte:

The world was created in 7 days, VistaPro can do it in 7 seconds. VistaPro is an ultra fast landscape generating program that uses DEMs (Digital Elevation Maps) to turn 2D topographical data, into beautiful 3D terrains. Create scenic fly-throughs, explore distant planets, or create your own landscapes all in a fractal of a minute.

"Full Circle is the best way to describe it.", says Nicolas Murphy, President of MonkeyByte.com, "Monkey Byte came into being 7 years ago with itis first title, Mars Rover, an interactive fly-through of the Martian surface rendered entirely by VistaPro. To once again be affiliated with this product is an honor".

MonkeyByte.com will be dedicating a special portion of itis new storefront site to this new release and is right now preparing the Gold Master for duplication. "VistaPro is one of the easiest and most powerful 3D tools I have ever worked with," says Yon Hardisty, Ceo of MonkeyByte.com, "I am really looking forward to opening up our web presence to developers and hobbiests alike in order to support the existing VistaPro community."

Pricing information is not yet available for VistaPro. You can find more information at the MonkeyByte Web site.