3D Model Maker Updated From Pedagoguery

Pedagoguery Software has released an update for Poly, bringing it to version 1.09. Poly is an app for making paper 3D polyhedra models. The update features expanded language support and other enhancements. According to Pedagoguery Software:

Pedagoguery Software has released Poly 1.09.

Poly is a shareware program for exploring and constructing polyhedra. With Poly, you can manipulate polyhedral solids on the computer in a variety of ways. Flattened versions (nets) of polyhedra may be printed and then cut out, folded, and taped, to produce three-dimensional models.

Recent improvements to the application for making paper models with your Mac include:

  • new Polish and Italian interfaces
  • support for more file formats (STL, JIF, and PCX)
  • and the addition of Geodesic spheres and domes

You can find more information about the Poly update at the Pedagoguery Software Web site. Poly 1.09 is available for US$28.00.