3D Modeling App Gets A Maintenance Update

Codenautics Software has released Meshwork 1.8.2. Meshworks is a 3D "trimesh" modeling program, and the maintenance update fixes several bugs. According to Codenautics Software:

Codenautics Software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.8.2 of Meshwork, the efficient 3D trimesh modeler!

This release brings several bug fixes and enhancements:

  • fixed a crash in Mac OS X which could occur on the second use of the "Open..." command
  • clicking the red close button of an inactive Meshwork window now closes that one, instead of closing the frontmost window
  • vertex coordinates are written in Mesh and 3DMF files with up to 7 digits past the decimal point, instead of 3
  • fixed a crash which could occur when using Paste in the Carbon version of Meshwork
  • fixed the Face Front command, which in 1.8 did the exact opposite

Preview window now keeps background color and rendering choice as long as the window is open. (Brightness is reset on each use of Preview, due to a limitation in QuickDraw 3D.)

Meshwork features powerful creation tools such as lathe and extrude; both automatic and point-by-point texture mapping; import and export of a variety of model formats including VRML, 3DMF, and DXF; and full support for bone-based, articulated models. Meshwork is designed for making lean, efficient models especially well suited for use in games, on the web, or in other speed-critical applications.

Meshwork is available for US$30. You can find more information at Codenauticsi site.