3D Modeling App Updated

Codenautics Software has updated their 3D model building application, Meshwork, to version 1.8.1. Meshwork allows designers to create complex 3D models for use in games, Web design, and other 3D environments. According to Codenautics Software:

Codenautics Software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.8.1 of Meshwork, an editor for 3D trimesh models.

Version 1.8.1 is a maintenance release, containing several bug fixes and a few new features:

  • updated the 3D Preview in the Carbon version of Meshwork to work with Quesa 1.6d13
  • fixed a crash which would occur when using Undo after Creating a Sphere, Sphere 2, or Cylinder (this bug first appeared in 1.8)
  • fixed a bug which caused the "Do you want to save?" dialog to lack a "Donit Save" button when quitting under OS X
  • new windows now get a unique title and a (usually) unique position
  • improved DXF import to support VERTEX meshes (in addition to 3DFACE arrays)

Meshwork is a modeling application specifically designed to create efficient, low-polygon-count models for use in games, on the web, and in other real-time 3D applications. It features powerful editing tools such as symmetry, lathing, and extrusion; advanced texture mapping including planar, cylindrical, and arbitrary (UV) mapping; and import/export of a variety of common 3D file formats including 3DMF, DXF, 3DS, and VRML.

Meshwork is available for US$30. You can find more information at the Codenautics Software Web site.