3D Tool Now Available At CompUSA

TGS has announced that their 3D modeling tool, Amapi 3D, will be available at CompUSA. Amapi 3D offers users a host of powerful tools for easily creating complex 3D images. According to TGS:

TGS is proud to announce the immediate availability of its popular Amapi 3D(tm) modeling tool in CompUSA retail stores nationwide. In efforts to broaden the availability and visability of Amapi 3D, TGS is excited about what Comp USA brings to its business and the future success of the Amapi 3D product.

The perfect companion modeler for any professional 3D artist or beginner, Amapi 3D provides NURBS and ploygon modeling, along with custom tools and functionality you wonit find anywhere else! Plus, you can import and export over 20 file formats-all at a fraction of the cost! Excellent for both organic modeling as well as CAD design and product creation ! Amapi 3D is a powerful and versatile modeler, which simplifies the creation and editing of complex geometric shapes by offering a large selection of advanced tools. Thanks to its customizable interface, Amapi 3D is the 3D modeling tool that meets the demands of professional designers, while still being easy enough for beginners to use.

Amapi 3D will be available at CompUSA for US$399. You can find more information at the TGS web site.