3 New OS X Games, MythWarrior, & Black & White

Well, another weekend has passed and we couldnit wait to get back to our desks to diligently hound out a few tidbits of information, wingnuts that we are. In todayis roundup:

The Web was alive with OS X news, mostly bad, in regards to gaming. For the most part, nothing works! Surprise surprise. We were aware that most games would have to go through a period if dysfunction until the respective developers could get it together to patch everything into a proper carbon copy, and that with all the changes to OS X in the last.... 6-12 months? Most of the games that have already been carbonized would no longer work. So it isnit really news then, is it?

The truth of it is that OS X will probably not really shine until the next generation of titles hit the market. Games such as Unreal 2, Halo, and Black and White, and even games further down the road. However, OmniGroup has announced recently that they will be porting American McGeeis Alice, Oni, and Heavy Metal FAKK2 to OS X, and earlier this year they announced that Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force would undergo proper carbonization. OS X is only as good as the programmers who utilize its efficiency, so we shall see in the next 12-24 months how much improvement OS X has over previous builds of the MacOS, and if it is comparable to Windows yet. For a bit more specific info you might want to take a look at the forums around the internet and find out what users have to say. IMG has a decent article listing all the games and problems encountered. It is worth a look.

Myth II: Soulblighter has a new total conversion out, (available at The Mill). This conversion, named MythWarrior, is unique in that your units are giant mechs, similar to Mechwarrior. It also has a bit of a twist in unit trading when you first begin a game. Instead of trading your units around in order to build your team, you decide on what equipment each mech will be given. This variation is very clever, and while we havenit had the chance to give this TC a go, you can be sure we will. Head over to Evihcra: The Mill to Download this new addition to the Myth II family of 3rd party contributions.

We also have an interesting bit of information for Mac gaming fans who have been waiting in breathless anticipation for the genre-busting title Black & White, developed by Peter Molineaux from LionHead Studios (Dungeon Keeper and Populous fame, though neither made it to the Mac OS). Black & White was sent off for duplication for the PC in the form of a Golden Master, and is due to hit store shelves on the 30th of March. Black & White is a game of incredible scope and vision in which you take the role of a deity that has full reign to decide how to treat your minions. Shall they fear you or love you? Will you crush them or feed them? Throw into the mix the ability to build a pet that does what you ask it to do, including epic battles against other players pets online, and you have a god game like no other. Other interesting features include the ability of the software to go online for you and download the latest weather conditions and apply them to the game, as well as naming peasants in the game after the people you have in you e-mail address book, and when an e-mail comes in while your playing that particular peasant notifies you. Double click him and you can view your e-mail Still no word on when exactly we can expect a Mac version, but we do know that it is in the works. Our staff will be plugging in that PC version and giving it a run for its money in the next week or so, and you can expect a preview of what the game is like shortly. To get more information and to view some incredible screenshots and movies of this game, go to LionHead Studios.