3 Apps To Beat The Blues: Victoria’s Secret, Pulse, Fun Facts

Everyone experiences it sometime in his or her life, I refer to those moments, hours, days, maybe even years where you feel low. I’m not talking about physically being on the bottom, though that can easily add to the feeling, I’m talking about the emotion sometimes called The Blues, where even in a crowded room you feel detached, outside of whatever is going on, and nothing seems to cheer you up.

The feeling has nothing to do with who you are, what you’re about, or whether you are good looking or not so much. It has everything to do with how you perceive yourself in relationship to the world around you.

Maybe an important something didn’t pan out the way you wanted, and you want to talk about it and there’s no one around with whom you feel close enough to do so. Perhaps that important something did pan out, but you’re in the same situation; no one to talk to. Maybe you just got up on the wrong side of the bed and your day has been a series odd, but negative vibes, putting you in firmly in downtown Funksville, population: 1.

It doesn’t matter what the cause, the fact that you, alone, in the entire universe feel lower than a flounder’s butt is no fun, and it’s likely not a picnic for those who are close to you.

For most folks such a state is temporary. A hot bath, a walk on the beach, a night on the town, or a shopping trip is enough to pull them out of that hole and back into the real world. For others the feeling is not an exception, but a law as real and pervasive as the one that governs gravity. If you’re one of these unfortunate folks, get help. You may be suffering from a form of depression and it can be managed.

If your state of blahs is temporary and all you need is a swift kick in the psyche to snap you out of it, and if you happen to have an iPad or iPhone handy, I’ve got a few free distractions that may lift your id out of the rut it currently occupies, and all it take is a few free downloads.

The first item I want to talk about may be seem as an odd choice for beating the blues, but for me, seeing someone who looks good can extinguish the blues as effectively as a double shot of expresso can erase the sleepies. There are few other places where one can find a bevy of bodacious beauties that can compare with those that grace a Victoria’s Secret Catalog.

For women, it’s the clothes, what clothes there are, and looking at the styles and colors gives them a distraction. For guys, it isn’t so much the clothes as it’s what’s in them. Vicky Sue models are the hottest of the hot, and there’s nothing wrong in appreciating hotness.

So, whether you’re male or female, you may get a kick out of the Victoria’s Secret App for iPad. The first thing you’ll notice, once your eyes get their fill, is that it’s a pretty cool in its own right. There are article headlines that glide gracefully across the screen in the foreground while photos of various models glide through the background, giving the app a cool 3D effect. The articles themselves contain photo galleries or movies, or a discussion of some topic of interest.

Victorie's Secret

You can also check out the models and other info in the ‘All Access’ area, browse the various catalogs, shop online, or locate a store. It’s a well done app that no website can duplicate fully. So whether you want shopping ideas, or just want to ogle the babes, the Victoria’s Secret iPad app is a definite distraction.

Next up is Pulse, an iPad app that collects RSS feeds from your favorite sites and puts them all in one convenient place.

Why is Pulse a blues beater? Because it can gather stuff from any RSS capable site, which means you have a veritable cornucopia of interesting items to look through. Something is bound to catch your eye and give you a few moments of concentration, or at least a minute of mindless mirth.


I like the way Pulse is set up. Each row contains stories from sites you select, or, if you don’t feel like putting in that much effort, you can browse through the ones already there. Touch an article and the text and accompanying photos, or the webpage if you wish, appears in a new window.

Of course, there’s all sorts of social connectivity so you can shout out to friends and family once the blues are banished. It’s a great app and one that I go to a lot, whether I’m in a funk or not. Grab Pulse.

OK, OK, I got on: Did you know that beavers can hold their breath underwater for 45 minutes?


How about the fact that the Hoover Dam was build to last 2000 years? Didn’t know that?

Ok, how about this; the record for spitting a watermelon seed is 70 feet! 70 feet! I’m lucky if I can clear my chin.

These and other factoids await you if you download the Fun Facts app for iPad. I don’t know how many facts are in Fun Facts, but there are more than a few, and they are all odd, all interesting, and all, dare I say it, fun. Yes, it’s an ad supported app, but who cares.

Fun Facts

Ripe cranberries can be bounced like basketballs! Who knew?

Now you do, and you can know more. And if you’re into Blonde Jokes, grab that app as well.

See? Don’t you feel better already?

OK, that’s a wrap.

More freebies below with direct links.