3dfx Team With Quantom3D For Visual Sim Products

3dfx has announced that Quantom3D has licensed the Voodoo5is 4-way SLI technology for use in their AAlchemy visual simulation and training products. The SLI (Scanline Interleave) technology allows for the creations of high quality, high speed 3D images. According to 3dfx:

3dfx Interactive? Inc. (NASDAQ:TDFX) announced today that it has licensed its 4-way Scanline Interleave (SLI?) technology, based on the Voodoo5? 6000 AGP project, to Quantum3D to be incorporated into their AAlchemy? family of PC-based systems for visual simulation and training applications. The company also announced that its 4-way SLI technology, which has achieved 43 percent better Quake 3 graphics performance over leading competitive solutions, will be available exclusively from Quantum3D, and will not be available in the retail channel.

3dfx will demonstrate its exceptional 4-way graphics performance at the Comdex/Fall 2000 trade show November 13 - 15, 2000, Las Vegas, Nev., to a select group of customers, media and industry analysts. The demonstrations will show the 4-way design?s ability to display high resolution images, with superior full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) enabled. The 4-way SLI design is the first graphics card able to achieve greater than 60 frames per second (fps) performance in Quake 3 benchmarks at the ultimate screen resolution of 1600x1200x32-bit color.

3dfx has a long history of leveraging its leading-edge 3D technology into the visual simulation environment with Quantum3D.? Starting with 3dfx?s revolutionary and award-winning Voodoo2? and Voodoo3? products and now with its scalable VSA-100 accelerators, Quantum3D has successfully migrated 3dfx technology into today?s most demanding 3D graphics arena.

You can find more information on the Voodoo5 line, and SLI technology, at the 3dfx web site.