3rd Gen iPod touch Tear Down Reveals Surprises

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iFixit managed to get ahold of, and then promptly disassemble, a brand new iPod touch. The tear down revealed a few surprises sich as potential support for 802.11n wireless networking and room for a digital camera.

The new iPod touch model sports Broadcom's BCM4329 chip, which is capable of supporting 802.11n Wi-Fi, although Apple is limiting the chip to 802.11g speeds. Apple is likely imposing the limitation to avoid reducing battery life.

iFixit's iPod touch tear down

The updated iPod model also includes the Samsung 339S0073ARM processor instead of the 339S0048ARM processor, and a Bluetooth chip that's capable of supporting FM radio reception and transmission, too. Apple didn't include the necessary antennas and software to take advantage of the FM radio features, but it does raise the possibility that the company could add the ability to wirelessly stream music to you car stereo in a future model.

The iPod tear down also revealed there's a small space left open that's just big enough for the same video camera that Apple added to the new iPod nano. There's no indication that Apple intended to include a camera, although the opening size and location seems like quite a coincidence.

Whether or not Apple plans to take advantage of the features tucked away in some of the iPod touch's new chips remains to be seen, and the company isn't likely to tip its hand. The tear down does, however, show that Apple likely has a few more surprises in store for the iPod touch.

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Well if apple left a place in the itouch for a cam it might be that they will put one! But since the ipod touch 3g is not a major release, why wouldnt they put the camera in? Probably for marketting reasons! But then when will it have the camera! In early 2010?  in a year? Later? I think we should more be excited of a brand new product from apple in 2010 than a cam in an ipod touch! Now should you wait until it gets a cam? Well it would be nice but do u really need an ipod with a cam? Not really! U ar going to say what if i buy it now and then 3 month later a new one will get out! well u will be angry at you for not waiting! but anyway every 6 months a better and newest product comes out! So just be it!

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