4-SightFax Plug-Ins For 4D And Omni Shipping

Soft Solutions, Inc. has announced two new plug-ins for 4-SightFax. 4-SightFax is a networking fax utility designed for sending and receiving faxes over TCP/ICP connections. The two plug-ins are designed for 4D developers and Omni database users. According to Soft Solutions:

Macintosh OS X and Windows faxing is now available from 4th Dimension and Omnis databases. Two new cross-platform plug-ins now provide 4th Dimension and Omnis developers the means for creating their own database fax clients.

FaxPack for 4th Dimension allows a 4D programmer to fully automate the creation and sending of faxes directly through 4-Sight FAX v5 servers from any 4D application. With FaxPack, the 4D developer can manage user log-ins, list and pick cover pages, automate print driver selection, establish sending priorities, attach fax enclosures and obtain the status of any previously sent fax.

The 4SightTalk external for Omnis provides Omnis developers with Omnis client connectivity to 4-Sight FAX v5 servers. The 4SightTalk external adds 16 commands to Omnis.

These commands allow developers to perform a variety of tasks, including: request a list of available fax servers, their platforms and versions, retrieve and select from a list of server-based cover pages, switch to the 4-Sight Fax driver so your Omnis report generates a TIFF file, restore the previous print driver selection, create a fax message, address and send it and query the status of faxes that have been sent to the server.

You can find more information about the 4-SightFax plug-ins at the 4-SightFax Web site. 4SightTalk is available starting at US$300.00, and FaxPack is available starting at US$295.00 per platform.