4-SightFax Updated With Improved End-User Customizations

Soft Solutions, Inc. has released an update for 4-SightFax, bringing it to version 5.1. 4-SightFax is a networking fax utility designed for sending and receiving faxes over TCP/ICP connections. The 4-SightFax update features enhancements including a modified interface and expanded address book. According to Soft Solutions:

Soft Solutions announces the launch of 4-Sight Fax Version 5.1, the first and only Macintosh OS X fax server on the market. Building on a decade of market presence, the much-anticipated Version 5.1 fax server runs on Mac OS X and provides a number of valuable, productivity-boosting innovations.

On the client side, employees will now be able to send a fax to both fax numbers and e-mail addresses through one simple interface, ensuring that important business documents reach all types of recipients with a single click. With the expanded address book, a valid fax number and e-mail address will send a digital file via fax and e-mail simultaneously.

A new Fax Preview feature, similar to a thumbnail view, will allow users to quickly evaluate incoming faxes before launching them, streamlining fax administration by reducing the time it takes for users to route faxes to appropriate employees. An enhanced Fax Composer will give users the power to choose from a variety of views from which to compose their faxes.

You can find more information about the 4-SightFax update at the 4-SightFax Web site. 4-SightFax 5.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available starting at US$495.00.