4 Clever Uses for an iPhone Camera

If you have an iPhone in your pocket, you also have a camera. Yes you can take pictures of yourself or pictures of other people or other items that are "photos" in the traditional sense. However, there are a few clever uses for that same camera that didn't really exist before you had it with you all the time. These are all things I've done that were commented on by other people who found these tips particularly clever.

Short Term Memory.

Sometimes you need to remember something, but only for a short time, like an hour or a day. These things include a parking spot, or the piece that's damaged on the thing in your house that broke. Then you can pull up that photo later and find your car or ask specific questions at Home Depot. This tip comes in especially handy with larger parking garages like at airports, or vast parking lots like those at Disneyland.

Here's the rental car we had last Christmas.

Longer Term Memory.

There are times when you need to refer to something from some time ago, such as a screenshot of an error message that only happens when switching out of Daylight Saving Time. This is another time that picture you took Before can come in super handy. You can also use this compare items, such as last year's garden and this year's.

Reference Info.

What size is your furnace filter? That bulb that burned out in the hallway is what style? I need an accessory for the TV, what's the model number? Most of these things are unlikely to be rattling around in your brain, and if you do need them they can be difficult or impossible to find now that the TV is mounted on the wall or the DVD player is installed in a cabinet and all connected. Pro Tip: Take a picture of that model/serial number sticker when you get something new out of the box and then you don't have to worry about it in the future. You can also take a photo of the back of equipment which has lots of ports and always know which cables will work or what ports are available.

Here's one of the Hue bulbs in my house. 

Research Items.

If you're in a store and a particular product catches your eye, a photo of the model number, the box, or the price tag can be a good reminder, and a good way to research that same item when you get home. Or perhaps you aren't even buying that item for yourself, it just seemed like it would be a great gift for someone and you don't want to forget it.

Have you had a clever use for your iPhone camera? Let's hear it.