4D And GoLive Bundled For Ultimate Web Solution

4D, makers of the popular WebSTAR server suite, has announced that they will be bundling Adobeis GoLive Web creation tool with a number of their products. The combination os 4D products on the "back end" and GoLive for the visual creation and editing of Web sites allow users to easily create dynamic, database driven sites. According to 4D:

4D SA, publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite, announced today that it has bundled Adobe? GoLive(tm) 5.0 software with several of its products to provide complete Web Server Solutions which will enable the integration of dynamic database content into HTML pages created with Adobe GoLive 5.0. The products bundled with GoLive 5.0 are 4D Developer Edition, 4D Server Standard, and 4D Server Developer Editions along with a new product called 4D Web Edition.

Since 4D version 6.7 has so many new and improved Web features, an increasing number of 4D developers are using a combination of HTML editors and 4D as a Web server. 4D version 6.7.1 includes a plug-in for GoLive 5.0 called 4D Extend Script, which facilitates the setting-up of HTML tags inside GoLive 5.0. The plug-in installs a new i4D tabi in the Inspector palette giving to the developer or Web designer the ability to drag and drop the desired 4D tags without entering the HTML code.

4D Web Edition is a brand new solution containing the development and design tools for the Web developer. This package contains 4D Standard Edition, Adobe GoLive 5.0 software and a 4D Web Extension license for complete access to a 4D database through a Web browser. The included 4D Web Extension license is for development use only.

"This package integrates the rich web design and maintenance capability of GoLive 5.0 with a powerful database," said Michael Hopwood, senior director of product management and product marketing for Adobe. "This gives businesses the ability to design their Web sites using Adobe GoLive and to directly integrate data from the 4D database back-end for dynamic integration on the web." All of the following 4D products are expected to be available with Adobe

GoLive 5.0 beginning in April 2001 at the following prices:

Full products:

  • 4D Web Edition 6.7.1 US $449
  • 4D Developer edition 6.7.1 US $799
  • 4D Server Standard edition 6.7.1 US $999
  • 4D Server Developer edition 6.7.1 US $1,590

Upgrade products:

  • 4D Developer v6.5 edition upgrade to 6.7.1 US $399
  • 4D Server Standard v6.5 edition upgrade to 6.7.1 US $299
  • 4D Server Developer v6.5 edition upgrade to 6.7 US $599

You can find more information on the 4D/GoLive bundles at the 4D Web site.