4D Plug-in Adds MySQL Connectivity

Exenevex has released a new plug-in for $D to allow MySQL connectivity, MySQL Connect for 4D. The new plug-in will allow 4D based products, including the 4D server, to easily connect to and utilize MySQL databases. According to Exenevex:

Exenevex, SA, today announced the release of demo version of MySQLConnect for 4D 1.0 (MacOS & Windows). MySQLConnect for 4D is a 4th Dimension plugin which provides connection routines between 4th Dimension-4D Server-4D Runtime-4D Runtime Classic- Engined 4D applications and MySQL Databases Servers.

MySQL is a very popular open source RDBMS that comes with 70% of web hosting plans over the world. MySQL runs on several systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Windows NT/2000, MacOS X, Mac OS X Server and more....MySQL is mainly used with Apache/Php to build dynamic web sites for eBusiness solutions. For more informations about MySQL, please visit : http://www.mysql.com

Using MySQLConnect for 4D, 4D developers have a set of 4D routines to manage:

  • Connections to/Disconnection from MySQL Databases Servers
  • Structure SQL queries (Create/Alter/Drop Databases & Tables)
  • Data SQL queries (Insert/Update/Delete data)
  • Administration SQL queries (Grant/Revoke ...)
  • Support for 4D datatypes including BLOB & PICTURE data types
  • Internal mecanisms to manage simple quotes used in SQL queries

Using MySQLConnect for 4D, 4D developers can create well designed systems to manage, exchange, synchronize 4D Applications with eBusiness web hosted solutions, or simply use 4D as a GUI generator for distant MySQL systems.

Pricing information was not available at press time. You can find more information at the Exenevex Web site.