4D Plug-in SDK Now Free

4D Inc. has announced that the new and improved 4D SDK Plug-in is now available for free from the 4D France Web site. 4D SDK Plug-in and the 4th Dimension software development kit is designed to make creating third-party plug-ins for the 4th Dimension environment as easy as possible for C and C++ programmers. According to 4D:

With many new and improved features, including an expanded cookbook with more API calls, improved documentation over 4D v6.5, and several example plug-in, 4D SDK Plug-in provides developers with a powerful set of tools for custom 4D development.

"The new 4D Plug-In SDK equips C/C++ programmers with an extensive library for creating custom plug-inis for 4th Dimension. As a longtime plug-in vendor, a great deal of time has been spent working with the new SDK to assure that all developers will benefit from this release," said Michael S. Erickson, President, Automated Solutions Group. "The fact that 4D is releasing this tool for free to all developers further demonstrates their commitment to offering the most flexible development product possible."

4D Plug-in SDK Features

  • 4D Plug-in Wizard. Written in 4D, this utility generates a full plug-in skeleton ready to be filled in and compiled.
  • 4D Plug-in API. It contains over 500 commands that allow a plug-in to interact with 4D.
  • HTML documentation

The SDK is now available for free and you can find more information at the 4D Inc. web site.