4D Receives Honor

The 4D Advanced Kit, part of 4th Dimensionis RAD/RDBMS product line, recently received a perfect rating in a MacFever review. The kit provides an all-in-one web server complete with a host of powerful features. According to 4D:

The 4D Advanced Kit, part of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS product line published by 4D, Inc., scored a perfect 5 apple rating in a recent MacFever Review. The 4D Advanced Kit is a bundle of plug-ins designed to expand the functionality of 4D Standard Edition by integrating word processing, spreadsheets, a compiler, and more directly into your database application.

The review also noted the many improvements in 4D Standard version 6.5, siting the improvements to 4Dis built-in web server and the increased search speed. "The upgradeis performance is genuinely staggering: a sequential search of an unindexed database containing 100,000 entries took 2 minutes, 30 seconds with Version 6 and fell to 53 seconds with Version 6.5."

The 4D Advanced Kit is available for US$549. You can find more information at the 4D web site.