4D's Mac OS X Plans... For Thee

4D has announced that they will be detailing their plans for OS X in two weeks at the 4D Summit and WebSTAR Summit. This will be the first in-depth look the public will have at both 4D and WebSTAR for OS X. According to 4D:

"Porting to OS X will be a major undertaking for every software developer and the customers that use their products," said Brendan Coveney, President, 4D Inc. "We decided to announce our plans for OS X at this yearis conference to give customers the opportunity to address their questions and concerns directly to both the WebSTAR and 4D Engineering teams."

The Summits will take place in San Diego, California on October 4-8, 2000, You can find more information (including registration) about the 4D and WebSTAR reunions at 4Dis site