5th Avenue Apple Store Glass Cube Shattered by Snow Blower

Apple is going to have to replace one of the panels on its ten meter tall glass cube entrance at the 5th Ave. Apple Store location. According to 9to5Mac, the panel was shattered by a snow blower, and repairs could easily approach half a million dollars.

That figure was derived from the $6.7 million Apple spent turning the cube from a 90-panel construction to the 15-panels used today. That renovation took place in 2011, and it's doubtful that the costs on one-of-a-kind glass manufacturing has gone down since then.

Then again, maybe Apple could puts its sapphire manufacturing friends down in Arizona to work. I doubt it would be possible to make a sapphire pane that large, but it would probably do a better job of resisting stray snow blowers.

Instagram user krissyhotdogs captured a fantastic image and gave us permission to repost it:

Mmm shadooby, shatter

Apple's 5th Ave. Apple Store Cube - Shattered
Photograph by krissyhotdogs, republished with permission