64-bits of Time Telling Power

Those small punched holes that adorn the front of Power Mac G5 systems are great for more than just ventilation and grating cheese: they provide a perfect place for installing a custom LED clock.

Thatis exactly what Paul Anders did with his G5, a run-of-the-mill digital alarm clock, a steady soldering hand, a dremel tool, and a bit of engineering know how.

For those wanting to mimic Mr. Andersi design, detailed instructions are provided on his Web site. Or, if youire a little intimidated by the task, Mr. Anders says he start selling ready-made kits from his home in Sweden when he gets around to it.

G5 Clock

For those who think that blue or white LEDs would look better, theyire certainly an option, but in Sweden cost five times more than red LEDs. Also note that the clock can be installed practically anywhere on the front of the G5.