7-inch iPad Ready to Go

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New rumors about Apple products surface nearly every day, and the latest claims that the Cupertino-based company is not only working on a 7-inch iPad design, but that it’s finished. This latest rumor comes courtesy of Shanzai.com and its unnamed sources in Shenzhen.

According to the unnamed sources, the 7-inch iPad will look more like an iPhone 4 than the current iPad. They aren’t, however, offering many more details.

The current iPad sports a 9.7-inch multitouch display running iOS just like the iPhone and iPod touch. It includes built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, supports video and music playback, includes its own ebook reader, and can run most iPhone-compatible apps. The tablet device doesn’t include a front-facing camera, but that will likely appear in the second generation model to support Apple’s FaceTime video chat feature.

Rumors that Apple has been working on a smaller version of the iPad have been floating around almost as long as the device has been on the market. Despite the number of rumors surrounding the smaller iPad design, there isn’t any physical evidence to support them yet.

Since Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced products, the 7-inch iPad should be considered little more than rumor and speculation.


Jeff Gamet

I’m having a hard time believing that a 7-inch iPad is on the way. It’s too big to fit in my pocket (but the iPod touch fits just fine), and the screen size seems a bit too small to be used with current iPad apps. Expecting developers to design iOS interfaces for three screen sizes seems a bit hard to swallow, too. Until I see some tangible proof that the 7-inch iPad is real, I’m calling this rumor bogus.

Lee Dronick

It will only be available at the Verizon Store.


I think my browser’s broken. I did a search for the expected, “Fakety-fake-fake”, and it didn’t find it.


The iPod spend a few years single sized, save it’s thickness, until the technology had progressed enough to become a family and take over the world of pocket media players. The technology for various sized iPads is a no brainer so it’s quite possible that Apple would take the path more travelled by, and that might make all the difference.

I don’t think I should want anything smaller or larger than the present model but then how might I feel if there was another size choice, or more, to compare against the present model. Apple is inventing the modern tablet computer and so far has not been shy to step beyond the predictions of critics. Who knows what fancy research their crystal ball plays. A rerun of the iPod success might not be out of frame.

I think back to the rumours of an Apple tablet and the scurry of announcements from other venders of dreams, dates and rollouts; but once the iPad was made available the other tablets vaporized. Curiosity wants me to see a shoot-out at the Apple corral, so if the Wizard’s cap is on straight and his guns well enough loaded, here’s hoping.

Jeff Gamet

I think my browser?s broken. I did a search for the expected, ?Fakety-fake-fake?, and it didn?t find it.

Funny you should mention that. I originally included “fakity-fake fake-fake-fake,” but took it out just before publishing. I should have used that in my comment instead of “bogus.”

Constable Odo

I think that Apple should do it.  If Apple can hold down the price on it, it will be a good hedge against any Galaxy Tab, BlackPad or the 7” Dell prototype getting any sort of traction in the tablet space.  I’m fairly confident Apple can sell a 7” tablet for less money than it’s rivals and still make a profit from it.  I also expect Apple to trim the 9.7” iPad product line from 6 models to 4 so that 7” tablet will fit.  If anyone can do this, Apple can thanks to its retail stores.

Apple should be able to deliver a very thin and light 7” tablet of very high-quality due to experience with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Apple can easily borrow techniques from all three products.  I think a scaled up Touch would be awesome considering how thin the latest one is.  I don’t believe this story is fake at all and I want to believe it’s true.  It should be very easy for Apple to do.


I’m guessing it’s those Dell pad owners are wishing


Anyone who thinks this will have a retina display is being massively optimistic. The cost of such a high resolution display would be prohibitive, not to mention no one is making anything close to it.

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