7-inch iPad To Be Called “iPad mini,” WiFi Coming To iPod nano

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iPad Mini Name iPod Nano WiFi

Apple’s highly anticipated 7.85-inch iPad, frequently referred to as the “iPad mini,” will officially take its rumored name when the product is launched later this year, according to sources speaking with Japanese Apple blog Macotakara Saturday. The site also stated that the next iPod nano, to be unveiled alongside the iPad mini, will have built-in WiFi capabilities in order to take advantage of Apple’s iTunes Match music service.

Although originally rumored to hold one large media event in September, it now appears that Apple will hold two separate media events in the coming months; one in September to introduce the next iPhone and iOS 6, and one in October to unveil the smaller iPad and updates to Apple’s iPod line.

A smaller, cheaper iPad mini would compete strongly against other Android-based devices in the 7- to 8-inch size. Most Android tablets of that size from major manufacturers have settled into the $200 to $250 price range. While Apple has never felt pressured to compete solely on price, it is expected that the iDevice maker will keep the iPad mini price within a reasonable range of products from companies like Google, Amazon, and Samsung.

7 inch tablet prices ipad miniCurrent 7-inch Android tablets compared to a future iPad mini.

Regarding rumored iPod redesigns, the possible introduction of WiFi to the iPod nano would bring iTunes match compatibility to most of Apple’s portable product line. The iTunes match service, which allows users to access their entire music library from any compatible device for a yearly fee, is currently available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The iPod classic has not been updated by Apple in nearly three years and the iPod shuffle is likely too small and low in cost for Apple to justify the addition of WiFi. That leaves a redesigned nano as the only remaining platform into which Apple can extend its music streaming and download service.

Macotakara has a mixed track record of correctly predicting Apple product launches and features. They correctly identified March as the launch month for the third-generation iPad, but incorrectly predicted that the iPhone 4S would be “sim-less,” and feature a built-in, non-removable SIM card.

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Lee Dronick

Why call it an iPad Mini instead of an iPhone Maxi? Why not have a cell phone in an iPad, mini or not.? Now I expect someone to make a comment about holding an iPad up to your ear to make a phone call, but then those people may not have heard of speaker phone, BlueTooth, or wired mic and earbuds. I can envision an iPad and an iPhone linked together with the same phone number, you have choice of which one to use.


Until we see the device, there is not much new ground to cover.  Many of these articles are reporting the same speculation.  I am anxious to see the iPad mini, I need a tablet for my commute in to work at Dish. I?d love to have a 7 or 8? device with 4G/LTE for streaming content from anywhere.  Currently I use my iPhone 4 for streaming free movies and TV shows from Dish Online.  It?s a great way to keep up with my favorite shows, it gives me my TV everywhere I go.  I?m curious to see if the iPod Nano will have wifi.  Without a major form factor revision it would only makes sense to use iCloud streaming.


iPhone Maxi

The iPhone MaxiPad . . . I think not!


@Lee: I agree. However, it would not be favored by carriers, even though they’re promoting bucket plans now.

Also, any device has to fit in your pockets to be with you all the time. Even an almost 8” iPad Mini is too big for that.

Lee Dronick

Barry that is why I don’t think that an iPad Mini is that great of an idea. If you have to schlep it in your hand, messenger bag, or whatever instead of in a pocket, purse, or belt case then you might as well carry an iPad. The biggest upside I can see to a downsized iPad would be the lighter weight. However, who is to say that the next or future iPad wouldn’t be the same size as the current one, but yet be lighter in weight.


Lee, I agree. The only advantage I can see with an iPad Mini is that with half the weight, it will be easier to hold up laying down. However, I’m so spoiled by iPad 3 that if the Mini doesn’t have a Retina Display, I won’t even consider it.


I think the idea behind an iPad mini is a market reaction.  It’s not going to be for everyone.  Apple cannot ignore the market the Kindle Fire, B&N Nook, and Nexus 7 have exploited.  These are popular devices and Apple just wants a piece of the market.


I see the smaller and less expensive model as a potential big seller in the education market. As an adult, I would go for the iPad. If the intended user is school age without question the mini would be better.

Pashtun Wally

Why call it an iPad Mini instead of an iPhone Maxi? Why not have a cell phone in an iPad, mini or not?

WRONG association:  they don’t *want* folks to look at it and think, “wow, giant PHONE!”  They want the Goldilocks association:  “the phone is too little, and the iPad is too big/expensive - but the mini is *JUST* right!”

My guess is, they’ll peg it as close to $200 as they can…and clean up that product category.

Pashtun Wally

I’ll also add that if the mini is as I expect, I’ll keep my 2-year-old phone and set my sights on the iPad mini.  Easier to save up for, easier on my eyes than the iPhone 4 screen, and exactly the “upgrade” to my digital life that I’ve been wanting.


Uh, yeah, that’s not what an iPod nano looks like anymore.

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