720p Apple TV gets New Interface

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Apple’s 1080p Apple TV will hit store shelves, but current Apple TV owners can start playing with the new interface today thanks to a software update that rolled out Wednesday afternoon.

Current Apple TV owners get a taste of the new model's featuresCurrent Apple TV owners get a taste of the new model’s features

Apple TV 5.0 gives current 720p Apple TV owners an easier to use interface, and also adds Netflix billing support.

The Apple TV 5.0 software update may add the redesigned user interface, but it doesn’t upgrade current models to support 1080p video out. For that, shoppers will still have to wait until March 16 when the new model is available.

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Yay! I just bought a second AppleTV two weeks ago and i was bummed. This is cool.

John Martellaro

I upgraded last night on my 2nd gen Apple TV.  The new interface is light, simple, colorful and easy to navigate.  All the previous functionality is there.  For newbies, 2G or 3G on Mar 16, check out the wealth of material under “Podcasts.”

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